AIMIM and empowerment of women

AIMIM has been striving for the empowerment of women by fielding them in the elections. Women candidates contested and won on AIMIM banner for the first time in 1986 elections to Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad. Similarly, AIMIM fielded women candidates in municipal polls in other parts of the State from 1987 onwards and they emerged successful in many municipalities. The number of women candidates of AIMIM elected to MCH went up from six in 1986 polls to as many as 15 in 2002 elections. Thirteen women candidates of AIMIM were elected to Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation in the 2009 polls. Outside Hyderabad, as many as 38 women candidates of AIMIM were elected as councilors and corporators in the municipalities and municipal corporations in Telangana State in the elections held in 2014. A lady candidate of AIMIM was elected as Chairperson of Bhainsa Municipality in Telangana in June 2014. Nine AIMIM women candidates were elected as mandal parishad territorial constituency members in the panchayat polls held in 2014.