AIMIM’S History

In 1938, Nawab Bahadur Yar Jung was elected as president of MIM, which had the objective of working for protection of the socio-cultural and religious ethos of Muslim community. He emerged as the tallest leader of the community and was conferred the title of Qaid-e-Millat. His dedication, sincerity and oratorial and leadership skills made the MIM reach new heights within a short time. He served the MIM till his untimely demise in 1944. After the turbulent days of Military Acton, euphemistically known as Police Action, that hastened the accession of erstwhile Hyderabad State (Nizam’s Dominions) to the Indian Union on 17th September 1948, the MIM ceased to exist. There was widespread sense of fear and despair among Muslims who had witnessed the massacres and lootings in the wake of Police Action. Pandit Sundarlal Committee, appointed by then Prime Minister Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru, documented the atrocities (killings, rapes, arson and looting) unleashed on the Muslims of erstwhile Nizam State during and after the Police Action. In the decade that followed, the Hyderabad State (which was one of the largest States of the Indian Union) was trifurcated on linguistic basis, on 1st November 1956, with Telugu-speaking areas (Telangana) merged with Andhra State to form Andhra Pradesh, Marathi-speaking areas (Marathwada) tagged on to then Bombay State and Kannada-speaking areas (Hyderabad-Karnatak) added to then Mysore State.