Revival of MIM

After almost a decade of inactivity, the MIM was revived on 2nd March 1958 by Maulvi Abdul Wahed Owaisi, an eminent lawyer and graduate of the famous Jamia Nizamia, Hyderabad. Undeterred by the prevailing atmosphere of fear and misery among Muslims, he took up the onerous task of organizing the community. His message of hope soon caught the imagination of the masses who found a charismatic leader in their midst who was not afraid of taking on the might of the powers of the day. He was adoringly conferred the title of “Fakhr-e-Millat” by the community. Maulvi Abdul Wahed Owaisi renamed MIM as “ALL INDIA MAJLIS-E-ITTEHADUL MUSLIMEEN” (AIMIM) and converted it into a political party to protect the rights of the minorities enshrined in the Indian Constitution. His main contribution was integrating a disheartened Muslim community into India’s democratic and secular framework and political and electoral processes.