AIMIM and non-muslims

Apart from getting Dalits and Girijans elected as Mayors and Deputy Mayors of Hyderabad during 1986-1991, AIMIM has been fielding a number of non-Muslims–Dalits, Girijans (Tribals) and OBCs– in the successive civic, Assembly and parliamentary elections. Dalits, Girijans and OBCs have been elected to civic bodies in the State on AIMIM banner since 1959. In the 2014 General Elections, AIMIM had fielded four non-Muslims for Lok Sabha and eight non-Muslims for Assembly seats in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh States. AIMIM gave tickets to four non-Muslim candidates in Maharashtra Assembly polls held in 2014. AIMIM also supported the candidature of a Dalit candidate of Panthers Republican Party in Aurangabad West assembly seat in 2014 polls. Five non-Muslims (Dalits & Girijans) fielded by AIMIM were elected to the Municipal Corporation of Hyderabad in 1986. Again, in 2002 MCH polls, four non-Muslim candidates of AIMIM, including two women, were elected as corporators. In 2009, four non-Muslim candidates of AIMIM, including three women, were elected to Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation. In other municipalities and municipal corporations in Telangana, six non-Muslims were elected on AIMIM banner in the 2014 civic polls. Three non-Muslims nominees of AIMIM were elected as Mandal Parishad Territorial Constituency members in the panchayat polls held in 2014.